COVID 2020 Free Stock Vector

COVID 2020 Free Stock Vector

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2020 year. Big numbers. Crazy, problem year. Global coronavirus pandemic, lockdown, fires, protests and others. Funny printable template. Banner for web. Flat vector illustration
Coronavirus disease COVID-19 infection medical with 2020 typography and copy space. New official name for Coronavirus disease named COVID-19, Coronavirus outbreak in 2020, vector illustration
Class of 2020 funny typography poster with toilet paper and graduation cap isolated on white. Coronavirus COVID-19 quarantine. Vector template for graduation greeting card, banner, sticker, t-shirt.
2020 Quarantine graduation party. Graduate in a respirator and goggles. Concept for the design of a greeting card, logo, flyer, t-shirt design. Illustration, vector
Education during a covid-19 pandemic. First Day of School 2020-2021 banner, card, poster, announcement, invitation. Black chalkboard sign printable. Back to school vector concept.

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